Wearing your shirt backwards isn't a mistake,it's fashion

Richard Wright

The early '90s rappers were known for wearing their clothes backwards and, surprisingly, the latest iteration of the backwards look is super chic and sexy. Think about it: A loose-fitting button down gives you the option to drape it off your shoulder and helps you show off your beautiful back.

The trend originally took hold in the fall during fashion weeks in Milan, Paris and London, but the cold winter weather made it difficult to wear. The temperatures are finally warming up, so bloggers are back showing off the backwards street style.

The biggest challenge is figuring out how to button it. Most of the women wearing the style seem to opt for looser-fitting tops so it's easy to button or tie before pulling it on.

As for the tighter versions? Well, only opt for that if you have someone — like a roommate or S.O. — to button it for you.

So, the back looks great, but what about the front? Well, it will take some getting used to, but the most imaginative are using it as an opportunity to accessorize with a statement piece.

Or just leave it as is and keep the focus on the posterior.

Either way, it's totally cute and you don't even have to spend anything — just look in your closet, pull out a button up (or take one of his) and get dressed.