The Top 6 Holiday Fashion Trends for 2018

Richard Wright

They’re making a list and checking it twice; they’re gonna find out which trends will look extra nice at your holiday party this year. Yes, the good people at Pinterest filled us in on the top six holiday fashion trends pinners have been searching for this year. And just in time to add them to your gift list. How convenient.

woman wearing a popcorn sweater


Searches for the cozy, textured knits have gone up almost 1,400 percent recently. Which basically means you now have full permission to actually go ahead and purchase the ten that have been sitting in limbo in your Nordstrom shopping cart.

woman wearing leather earrings


Giant bejeweled earrings will always hold a special place in our heart, but these lightweight alternatives are a seriously welcome swap. Now, feel free to toss your head with abandon.

woman wearing a silk or satin top


These flowy fabrics offer just the right amount of shimmer and shine to feel festive without going over the top. The fact that they’re also comfortable is really just a fortuitous bonus.

jessie randall carrying a feather handbag


So you want to kick the holiday fun up a notch, eh? A feather trim, earrings or even a totally covered handbag like the one carried here by Coterie member Jessie Randall all add a delightful touch of whimsy to any winter ensemble. Opt for black for a more dramatic look or try pastel hues if you’d rather lighten things up.

woman wearing a sequin jumpsuit


All hail the ultimate New Year's Eve outfit. Warmer and more comfortable than a dress, jumpsuits are just as easy to throw on and go. And of course, a dash of sequins (or, OK, multiple yards of them) never hurt anybody.

woman wearing a knit pleated skirt


This cozy style looks as fabulous with a chambray button-down as it does with a beaded tulle top. You can dress it up or down to fit the vibe of any event on your holiday social calendar.