The One Mistake You’re Making with Setting Powder

Richard Wright

Most of us can’t be bothered with the stuff. It’s messy and always looks caked on. Yet, when you ask a makeup artist what their secret to a flawless finish is, their answer almost always includes setting powder.

So why is it that when you use it, you look like a powdered donut? 

Well, you're probably brushing it on. While a fluffy brush seems like the logical choice since it covers more surface area in a single sweep, the bristles merely layer the powder on top of your makeup--as opposed to, locking it all in. 

To set your foundation in place naturally, use a powder puff instead. Sprinkle a little onto the puff. Then, fold it in half and roll the two sides together to evenly distribute the powder before pressing it onto skin. Unless you’re super greasy, skip the cheeks and concentrate on the areas that tend to get shiniest like the nose and forehead. Voila! No more cake face.