The Colossal Closet Mistake You’re Probably Making

Richard Wright

We’ve all been there: You’ve had a long day, an even longer commute, and by the time you get home from picking up the groceries and the dry cleaning, it’s all you can do to stash your garments—plastic dry-cleaning covers and all—in the closet.

It’s fine. They’re like, protective, you tell yourself as you collapse on the sofa and forget about it entirely. 

Except, it’s actually not so fine.

Science lesson: These plastic sheathes will trap moisture and dry-cleaning gasses, discoloring your clothes and creating an environment for mold and mildew to grow. Eww. Furthermore, this kind of plastic can also emit the compound BHT, which is triggered by moisture (think a humid day or quick steam before wearing), and cause major yellowing.

Bottom line: Dry-cleaner bags are a temporary mode of transportation intended for keeping you from spilling coffee on your clean clothes in transit. They should never, ever be a means of storage.