The 18 Best Makeup Tips We Learned This Year

Richard Wright

Multi-step beauty tutorials are fun to watch, sure, but when it comes to getting ourselves ready, we look for two things: speed and simplicity. So, without further ado, here are 18 makeup tips that truly upgraded our routine this year.


Always blend your foundation using downward strokes to prevent it from catching in peach fuzz. (Then wash your face with upward strokes to clean foundation out from under said peach fuzz.)

Apply blush slightly above the apples of your cheeks to give them a more lifted and sculpted appearance. 

When it comes to highlighter, think beyond your cheekbones. Sweep some over your collarbones and the tops of your shoulders to make them gleam (and look toned).



To get longer-lasting makeup without zapping your skin of glow, brush a translucent setting powder only down the center of your face (so the forehead, nose and chin), but skip the cheeks and perimeters.

Don’t forget to add some concealer around your nostrils and mouth in little parentheses-like shapes. This is where most of us have discoloration (making us look blotchy and tired).

When in doubt, wear peach. It’s the one color that works on every skin tone regardless of the season or trends. Swipe it on your lids, lips or cheeks to warm up your skin instantly.


If you have monolid eyes (like Liu Wen here), hold your lash curler at the base of your lashes for a few seconds, then in the middle and lastly with a short hold at the tip.

Ladies with hooded lids (like Jennifer Lawrence), blend your eye shadow slightly above the crease so it doesn’t disappear when you open your eyes.


Have a tube of mascara that’s slightly dried out? Use it to beef up your lashes first. Then layer on a second coat with a new tube that will separate and add sheen to finish.

When you’re pressed for time, skip the eye shadow altogether and just apply a pearly highlighter right in the center of your upper lids. Every time you blink, the pigments will catch light and make the entire area appear more awake.

The most natural-looking way to fill in your brows is to take a spoolie and brush the hairs down before drawing in any sparse areas from the top. This way you get a better idea of their actual shape.


Always steady your elbows against a flat surface (like a table) before apply eyeliner. Stable arms equal steady lines.

Add a pop of purple-toned highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes to make the whites appear brighter (and distract from sallow shadows underneath).

A dab of lip balm around the eyes will soften lines and create a smooth base for concealer.


Using a shade of liner that’s similar to your natural coloring, draw a tiny bit outside of the skin around your cupid’s bow and middle of your bottom lip before filling in the rest.

After applying lipstick, clean up the edges with an angled brush and some concealer to keep the color from feathering outside the lines later on in the day.

The fastest way to give your lips a boost of color and shine (which, by the way, makes them appear fuller) is to slick on some lip gloss.