Keeping Your Home Clean With Cats

Richard Wright

Having a cat is a true blessing. That little furry bugger will fill your home with a lot of love, fun and laughter, but also leave behind plenty of fur, dirt, mess and odours. However, you don’t have to sacrifice your clean home in order to have a loving kitty! Use these practical tips and you’ll be a cat-owner with a clean and odour-free home.

Let technology work for you

Your biggest enemy is certainly the litter box. If it’s not cleaned on a daily bases, it will stink up your place, put off your cat from using it and fill your home with a lot of bacteria. So, make sure to clean your kitty toilet regularly. However, if you don’t have time, let technology do your dirty work. There are great self-cleaning litter boxes on the market that come with timers, sensors, disposable trays and automated rakes! These are perfect for busy cat-owners or seniors who might have trouble cleaning the litter.

Put fur at bay

Cats shed a lot (some more and some less) and the fur will definitely get everywhere! However, there are a few simple things you can do to keep fur at bay. For instance, there are great vacuum cleaners that are specially designed for fur. They usually come with special tools and attachments suitable for different textures and house areas. And of course, make sure to regularly brush your cat, which will keep dead hear from spreading all over your home and give you a nice bonding time.

Keeping Your Home Clean With Cats

Keep your cat clean

Cats are very famous for their cleanliness. They are very thorough when it comes to self-cleaning, plus they naturally don’t smell at all. However, if your cat has a habit of brushing against walls and furniture, they will surely get dirty. Luckily, there are special wall paints that can be cleaned with a bit of liquid and a sponge for a spotless look! Also, if your cat is a senior or has any sort of infection and ailment that prevents it from self-grooming, you might want to get some cat wipes to help your cat with hygiene.

Power up your air purifier

This part is especially important for pet-owners who also suffer from allergies: Try your best to keep your indoor air as clean and odourless as possible. Provide your home with good ventilation and make sure to use it frequently. Open windows to let some fresh air in and regulate your humidity. However, this is not a very good way to regulate your indoor air quality, especially when it’s cold outside or during the pollen allergy season. So, make sure to get the best air purifier for allergies that will remove all pet dander and even some light pet odours from your home. This will definitely make your home more pleasant for all residents and guests.

Think fast

Cats, especially kittens, seniors or animals with health conditions, can often have accidents. However, make sure to react fast and clean these messes as soon as you notice them. Use a paper towel to collect the liquid and then cover the area with a liquid cleaner that contains enzymes. These cleaners not only mask the odour like some products, but completely destroy organic materials that are the source of the smell.

Keeping Your Home Clean With Cats

Be smart with fabrics

There’s no secret tip here: some materials are easy to clean while some can be practically ruined by your pet. So, make sure to be smart with fabrics and invest in those that will add to your home’s appeal. For instance, if you’re planning to let your cats on the furniture, avoid silk or velvet. They are notoriously hard to clean and are real fur magnets. Your best bet is to invest in a leather or microfiber sofa. Basically, you can just wipe these over and they’ll look just like new! All in all, anything that’s smooth or has a thick weave fabric is a good choice for cat-owners. Another thing you can do is find furniture pieces that match the colour for your cat. This way, the shedding fur will be practically invisible!

Once you get a hang of being a cat owner, you’ll figure out many other tricks by yourself and learn your cat’s behaviour which makes cleaning easier. It might seem like a lot now, but all the amazing moments with your pet will all be worth your cleaning efforts!