Here's Exactly How To Make Your Jewelry As Powerful As Any Crystal

Richard Wright

You may feel intrigued by the concept of healing and manifesting your ideal life with the help of crystals, but did you know that any jewelry can be equally as powerful? A hand-me-down ring, that necklace you got from your significant other, or even a simple piece of yarn worn around your wrist can be just as life-changing.

Crystal healing—or the idea that specific crystals possess healing properties—has been around for ages. If you are familiar with it, then you probably have a crystal for everything. You may feel like you need a rose quartz to cultivate love, amethyst to open your third-eye chakra, and hematite for grounding. The idea of needing to find different stones can seem exhausting and difficult to incorporate into your life. If you are tired of finding and carrying crystals for everything, there is an easier way.




Crystals work only when you infuse them with the energy of your positive intentions. This energy is not a physical energy but rather a spiritual energy. When you meditate on your intentions and imagine that energy entering the crystal, you are programming it. Crystals can hold intentions and positive vibrations easier than other objects, but carrying them around isn't always practical.

The crystal you are programming is only a physical symbol for your intention. The symbol serves as a reminder and helps raise your vibration to match your intention. The more your vibe matches your intention, the easier it will be for the intention to manifest.

The good news is that you can program other, more practical objects to help you manifest.

Whether you have a bag full of crystals or are new to the concept—here is a simple activity you can try to inspire healing and help you manifest the life you want:

  1. Find any piece of jewelry that you enjoy wearing (it can be anything from an old ring to a piece of string).
  2. Hold it in your palms and imagine bright white light cleansing it and making it new again.
  3. While it is still in the palm of your hands, visualize your intention. Really feel the positive emotions you would feel if your intention came true. You can think of more than one positive intention at once.
  4. Imagine those positive feelings going into the piece of jewelry—sort of like bathing the jewelry in the positive emotions.
  5. Continue visualizing this until you fully believe your intention is manifesting.
  6. Wear the jewelry as often as you'd like.
  7. Trust that your intentions will manifest.
  8. If you change your mind about what you want to manifest in your life, you can start over or cleanse your jewelry by following step 2.