8 Reasons Pets Are Good For Kids

Richard Wright

Are you looking for a pet without high maintenance, but loves to play and is gentle with kids? So what could it be? Of course, cats! Cats are a great choice because they are a joyful addition to any family. Moreover, they can help your kids in a variety of ways. Cats are especially good pets for toddlers and busy families that don't have enough time to care for a high-maintenance pet. Here are 8 reasons why cats are ideal pets for kids.

 1. They are pretty easy to care for

Cats are easy to care for. Unlike dogs, cats can groom themselves. They generally don't require bathing or daily walks as they do their business in a small clean litter box. In saying that, if you have a long-haired cat, you should brush it every day to remove excess fur that could cause furballs.

2. They can teach kids about empathy

When kids realise that cats have feelings, it can help them learn to empathise with their four-legged friend and take its feelings into account. Thus, when kids learn how to carefully and respectfully interact with the cat, they learn empathy, and this is a great trait that will serve kids their entire life.

3. They are hilarious, playful and agile

8 Reasons Pets Are Good For Kids

What do kids like to do most of all? Of course, they like to play! What do cats like to do? Cats also love to play. So, cats are perfect companions for kids. They are funny and quite acrobatic, they can run, leap and even dance!

4. They help recover from trauma

Cats can offer a level of support to kids coping with the emotional aftermath of a traumatic event. Living with a pet can help speed up the process of rehabilitation by offering companionship, structure, and affection. 

5. They help prevent potential allergies

Kids that grow up with a cat are less likely to develop allergies. Researchers found that keeping a cat at home can reduce the chances of having allergies in adulthood. The study showed that young adults who had cats at home as infants were likely to develop a significant amount of antibodies to pet allergens. This process is known as allergic sensitisation.

6. They raise the self-esteem of kids

Kids who have a cat have higher self-esteem because such assigned tasks like feeding the cat or filling its water bowl give the kids a sense of accomplishment and help them feel independent and competent.

7. They accelerate the cognitive development of kids 

Kids like to play with cats, talk to cats and even read to cats. All these activities directly influence the verbal development of young kids. Cats can act in a role of an attractive, verbal stimulus that facilitates language acquisition and enhances verbal skills in kids.

8. They improve moods and help reduce stress

8 Reasons Pets Are Good For Kids

Cats can also provide emotional support to kids, lift their mood and mitigate negative emotions when they are feeling stressed. The support provided by cats has advantages compared with the social support provided by humans. Cats make kids feel unconditionally accepted, while humans can sometimes judge and criticize.

The below infographic, created by, lists even more benefits of kids growing up with pets as demonstrated in statistics and scientific research. As long as parents practice safety tips for raising kids and pets together, bonding with pets can result in children growing up much healthier, both mentally and physically among other benefits.

25 Benefits of Kids Growing Up with Pets


There are many reasons why cats are so good for kids. These independent creatures are wonderful listeners and, at the same time, they are non-judgmental. They can provide loving support and positively affect the development of kids.