7 Ways To Get Rid of Static Cling With Things Around Your House

Richard Wright

Clothes that don’t fall right are every fashion-forward person’s worst nightmare, so obviously figuring out how to get rid of static cling is imperative. I mean, who wants to spend hours putting together the perfect look, only to have your skirt cling oddly to your legs or shirt stick to your bra?

Don’t let a bad case of static cling mean the death of a really great outfit. Here, seven tips for getting rid of static cling with things you already have at home.

1. Glide a metal hanger over your clothes

This trick works especially well when you are wearing silk—simply glide a wire hanger between your clothes and your body to get rid of an electric charge, or glide a wire hanger over your clothes before you even put them on.

2. Hide a safety-pin inside your clothes

If there is an easy place to tuck a metal safety-pin inside of your clothes—do it. That little bit of metal will prevent the build-up of static cling.

3. Rub a small amount of water or lotion on yourself

Who knew? Simply rub a small amount of water or lotion on yourself where the static cling is happening to add moisture to your clothes, and to eliminate static cling.

4. Spritz some hairspray on yourself

There are more than a few uses for hairspray and one of them is getting rid of static cling. Simply spray hairspray on the area that is being impacted, and watch it disappear.

5. Carry dryer sheets with you

Having serious static cling issues? You might need to call in the big guns and carry dryer sheets around with you. Simply rub the dryer sheets over your clothes to remove static cling.

6. DIY homemade static guard

You’ve likely seen sprays in the drugstore that tout being able to get rid of static cling, but you can actually DIY the formula at home. Mix one cap full of fabric softener in a spray bottle of water, and spray the mixture where the static cling is happening.

7. Wear leather soled shoes

Sub your rubber soled shoes for leather soled shoes to rid yourself of a static cling problem. Why does the work? The leather allows electricity to freely flow through your body, rather than rubber which will lock it in one place.