7 Pieces of Clothing You Should Never Give Away

Richard Wright

If you've spent even a second on Pinterest, you've been inundated with minimalist-home fever dreams. Blank white walls, exposed shelving, "capsule" wardrobes. Our lives have been Marie Kondo-ed to the extreme. But what if you toss an item and completely regret it? Before you tackle any spring cleaning, protect these seven pieces.

1. That dress that makes you feel like a million bucks. We're not talking about your Homecoming gown from 1994; we're talking about your class reunion number from 2014 that you can bust out anytime you need an ego boost.

2. The leather jacket that makes you feel like a badass. You don't have to be a moto chick 365 days a year. But that one day you do want a little edge, you're ready.

3. Your first grown-up handbag. You saved and saved and saved for that Kate Spade satchel. The empowering memory alone deserves a spot on the shelf, however high up.

4. Any family heirloom jewelry. Even if it's not your style, don't donate Aunt Daisy's pearls (real or costume). One day your daughter will obsess over them.

5. Those themed t-shirts from your college years. Band merch, sorority functions, anything with an illustrated graphic. You don't have to save all of them, but edit down a solid collection. Again, your kids will live in them.

6. Your appallingly worn-out Chucks. Those low-tops have seen everything. Stash them in the back of your rack. They'll keep you honest.

7. Your appallingly cheesy travel haul. Have you ever had an occasion for that turtle-motif muumuu? Not likely. Does it flood you with piña-colada-soaked memories of your bachelorette weekend every time you reach for a swimsuit? Worth it.