5 Pants You Can Wear Over Tights

Richard Wright

Guys. It’s getting cold. Like, really cold. And we know you’re scavenging your house for anything that can help you stay cute but also not send you to the emergency room for hypothermia. That’s where tights and pants--a lifesaving combo--come into play. Here’s a handy guide to know exactly which styles you can pull off (and which you can go ahead and forget).


pants to wear with tights 1


1. Jeans on the roomier side. Your trendy new flares, wide-leg or even straight-leg styles are best for layering, especially if they’re made primarily of cotton denim (which slides easier against the nylon).

2. Wool dress slacks. Suiting material is made for this. They’re lightweight but often lined with rayon or silk--meaning you’ll want a little extra warmth but you won’t run the risk of weird friction. Try to stick with close-toed boots or booties on the bottom. 

3. Culottes. The general idea is for your tights to be hidden at all costs. Extend the seasons of your culottes with one little trick--wearing tall boots underneath. You can layer all you want from there.

4. Chinos or corduroys. Remember the great hayride disaster of 2011? The one where your lady bits nearly got frostbite? Any and all festive outdoor activities should involve a heavyweight pant and an internal layer of compression.

5. Sweats. Laugh all you want. But sometimes that Target run is straight-up arctic.


pants to wear with tights 2


1. Super-stretchy skinny jeans. Sure, you can try this out on your extra-tight, Lycra-addled jeggings. But good luck shimmying those anywhere above your knees.

2. Jogger pants. You love those tapered-ankle joints, but unlike culottes, you can't really pair them with cold-weather shoes (and secret layers). Best leave those silhouettes for summer. 

3. Anything distressed. Same goes for holes in the knees. This is neither the time nor the place for fashionable rips.

4. Anything low-waisted. Not that you’ve rocked a two-inch rise since TRL was on live TV… But just be cautious of any waistband that hits below your tights. Two things you’ll risk: an embarrassing peep show or, worse, a muffin top. (Think about it.)

5. Anything leather. Unless you have a comfort death wish, just...nope.