5 Pants Trends We’re Suddenly Seeing Everywhere

Richard Wright

Skirts are great and dresses are pretty, but pants have never (ever) let us down. This year, we’re all about the following five trouser trends, from high waists and fun printsto new washes and unexpected silhouettes.


woman wearing wide leg pants and a white jacket


If we could get away with wearing full-on, gym-ready track pants every day, we would. Unfortunately we can’t be running around looking like a second-string member of the New York Liberty, so we’ll have to settle for the next best thing: pants with sporty detailing, like lines running down each leg or tapered hems. The look says “I’m a grown-ass woman but I could also totally school you in a game of Horse.”


woman wearing dark skinny jeans and a blazer


Light-wash, high-waist mom jeans had a good run. In 2018, though, we're revisiting a slightly more put-together classic: fitted dark-wash denim. Like all dark clothes, indigos are super slimming. Plus, since they’re closer to a black or a navy, they’re much easier to dress up than lighter washes.


woman wearing high waist pants and a plaid coat


Back in the fall we noticed a huge spike in Pinterest searches for paper-bag pants, and we were on board right away. Lucky for us, the trend doesn’t seem to be losing steam, possibly because it’s crazy-flattering and sophisticated and such a fun, sculptural alternative to the skinny styles we’ve been gravitating toward for years. Wear them with a tucked-in top to make your waist look extra teeny-tiny. 


woman wearing plaid pants and sneakers


When we hear “plaid,” we typically think lumberjack and school uniforms. Not so in 2018. Slim-cut tartan pants with a black turtleneck and coordinating trench look edgy while still being appropriate and stylish. Pair with dad sneakers for running around town, or dress them up with black loafers and a ladylike handbag.



woman wearing cargo pants a blazer and flats


Introducing: the new boyfriend jeans.These babies have historically gotten a bad rap, but when paired with a straightforward T-shirt-blazer combination and a pair of ballet flats or mules, they look effortless, cool and just a bit more interesting than run-of-the-mill denim.