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It’s summer and our pets might be even more excited than we are to spend time in the outdoors, having fun in the sun. Give your pet more reasons to play outside with these top outdoor dog toys. From chew toys to outdoor treats to fetch and floating toys, these balls, tugs, and tossers will keep your dog entertained for hours whether it’s a BBQ, afternoon at the park, or day trip.



The summer is a wonderful time to enjoy cool and refreshing water. Whether you are visiting the lake or your dog is having a splash in the kiddie pool, waterproof toys are a must for making the most of a wet and wild adventure.

1. Kiddie Pool

Dog in Kiddie Pool

If you don’t already have one, pick up a hard, plastic kiddie pool. There really is no better summer toy to keep dogs cool and having fun. The hard plastic shell prevents claws and rough play from ripping holes in soft plastic or inflatable pools.

2. Wet Wubba

Dog swimming with Kong Wubba

The Kong Wet Wubba comes in 3 bright colours, so they’re perfect for taking out to the lake for play. They are covered in neoprene for fun water play, but they also dry quickly for a game of tug on the grass. Just be sure you don’t leave your dog to chew on it. While Wubba is durable for toss and tug play, it’s not designed as a chew toy.@esmebalent / Via Instagram

For the Frisbee Fan

Frisbees make fetch fun for everyone. These frisbees are tailored specifically for dog's play. Bring one along to the park or the beach. 

3. Kong Extreme Flyer

Dog catching Kong Extreme Flyer

The Kong Extreme Flyer has been around for a while, but that’s a good reason to count on it. The Extreme Flyer is made out of Kong’s most durable rubber, so it’s an excellent toy for dogs who are rough on their toys as it can stand up to heavy play. The Kong Extreme Flyer is also softer on your dog’s gums than hard plastic Frisbees, so it’s sure to become a favourite for trips to the park.

4. Chuckit! Hydrosqueez Toys

Dog with Chuckit Hydrosqueez Toy

The Chuckit! hydrosqueeze toys are about the coolest outdoor dog toys of the summer. As they should be, since they’re packed with water and release it as you toss them. Your dog will love chewing on the classic ball or the bumper as cool water spills out from them. With their bright orange colour, and their ability to float even when filled with water, these summer dog toys are very hard to lose. It’s the perfect toy for those blisteringly hot summer days when all your dog wants to do is play in and around water. Available in both medium and large sizes.


You can play a game of tug almost anywhere. But like most things in the summertime, it's just better outside. Check out these toys that your dog definitely won't mind getting a little dirty in the great outdoors this summer. 

5. Flossy Chews Mammoth Rope Bone Tug

Dog Tugging Flossy Dog Toy

Flossy rope bones are some of the simplest, yet best dog tug toys out there. The Flossy Chews Mammoth Rope Bone Tug makes the perfect outdoor summer toy because of its sheer size. At 48”+ it’s the perfect toy for large and giant breed dogs, but your dog will have fun dragging this no matter what his size. Added bonus: the premium fibres also floss your dog’s teeth during play!

6. Tugga Wubba

Dog Running with Tugga Wubba

Wrapped in ballistic nylon for extra durability, the Tugga Wubba is perfect for whatever your tugger (or tuggers) can muster. With braiding for reinforcement and nylon tails for enticement, this toy is sure to give your dog plenty of interactive fun, whether it’s solo play, with a doggy friend, or you.  Available in 3 sizes to suit any dog. 


Balls are a dog's best friend. These unique toys are a twist on the old classic, giving your dog more of what he wants.

7. Kong Squeezz Dog Ball

Dog Fetching Squeezz Ball

The bright, fun Kong Squeezz Ball makes a great dog toy for many reasons: it includes an imbedded squeaker, it is made of a durable and non-toxic rubber, perfect for outdoor and interactive play.

8. Kong Airdog SqueakAir Tennis Balls

Dog fetching Kong Airdog Ball

These Kong tennis balls might be a mouthful, but the idea behind them is simple. Dogs love tennis balls and dogs love squeakers. Put both together and what have you got? The Kong Airdog SqueakAir Tennis Balls. They’re more fun than ordinary tennis balls and they come in different sizes to suit your dog.

9. JW iSqueak Bouncin' Baseball

Dog Waiting for JW iSqueak Baseball Toy

JW is known for their unique rubber toys, and the JW iSqueak Bouncin' Baseball is no exception. The appeal from this ball comes from its internal squeaker, nearly indestructible rubber exterior, and its unique ridges for better grip. It also has an excellent bounce. 


Being outside there are plenty of opportunities to let off some energy. Get your dog running and jumping with these unique toys designed for his energy level.

10. Chuckit! Ball Launcher

Chuckit Ball Launcher

If your dog loves fetch, but you hate slobbery, wet tennis balls, the Chuckit! Ball Launcher is the perfect addition to your dog’s toys. You can throw tennis balls (and Chuckit has a variety of durable, unique balls to choose from including glow-in-the-dark balls) without ever having to handle them. What is not often mentioned is that you can actually throw tennis balls further with the ChuckIt! Ball Launcher, so it also makes an excellent toy for the dog that never seems to get enough fetch.

11. Chuckit Kick Fetch

Dog Chasing Chuckit Kick Fetch Toy

If your dog’s favourite game is fetch, then have we got the summer dog toy for you – Chuckit Kick Fetch. Made with durable, natural rubber, it’s not only super bouncy – it also makes for a less slobbery game of fetch. Its hands-free design allows you to kick instead of throw and it has reinforced “bite zones” enabling your pup to easily pick it up. With its puncture resistant foam core, your dog can chew, chew, chew to her heart’s delight without fear of destroying it. Recommended for large and giant dog breeds, since it’s roughly the size of a soccer ball.


The greatest thing about chewing in the great outdoors - other than a lovely, cool bed of grass - is there's no mess to clean up!

12. Kong Extreme

Dog with Kong Extreme

Kong Extreme is another classic chew toy from Kong that continues to get recommendations. Built with an ultra-strong and durable rubber, the Extreme Kong is designed to stand up to the toughest chewers. Stuff treats, treat paste, or peanut butter into the toy’s cavity and watch your dog go crazy for it.

13. Benebone Chews

Dogs chewing on Benebone toy

On a lazy summer day, why not give your dog a Benebone for something to do! With their easy to chew design, and flavours from chicken to bacon to peanut butter, your dog will thank you by munch, munch, munching away for hours. These bones are a super way to clean your dog’s teeth, and give their jaw a good workout. The best part? No artificial flavours or chemicals. They come in multiple sizes to suit most dog breeds.


Tugging, fetching, and chewing...your dog can't choose! With these multi-purpose toys, she doesn't have to.

14. Jolly Egg

Bulldog playing with Jolly Egg

It’s ideal to find dog toys that can perform many different functions and excel at each of them. The Jolly Egg is one of those toys. A fun egg shape, the Jolly Egg dog toy is made of durable plastic, bounces, and even floats to make it one of the best all-around outside dog toys. Comes in two sizes.

15. Jolly Pet Bounce N Play Balls

Dog playing with Bounce N Play Ball